• Mediterranean

    Mediterranean was formed in 2006 to act as a representative for international companies which wish to conduct business with the Egyptian Market.

    Was founded in 2005 in Kuwait by Dr Hamoud Mibrrik Al Azmi started with al Faheheel Al Ahly Poly Clinic which serving southern area of Kuwait . Since that time with the vision of Dr Hamoud to become a leaders in health care sector . working with honesty , dedication & persistence , we succeeded to build the high image & reputation for Al Azmi Group in Kuwait through our different sectors
  • SoukOkaz

    In the pre-Islamic era, Arabs founded three huge markets, which served as a hub for commercial, social and cultural pursuits. They were held in different parts of the Arabian Peninsula on a regular basis. Visitors crossed the desert from everywhere to trade, gather and attend speeches and sermons. Such markets played the role of catalyst for literature and poetry. Well- known poets used to judge the brilliance and unfortunate fail of rising stars in literature
  • InstaDiet

    A marketplace for dietitians and end users that takes the end-to-end experience online. It allows users to browse, select and follow-up with a pre-vetted provider. It also offers dietitians a dashboard to streamline and automate their patient management processe
  • Urban Development

    Urban Development has established itself as the agile growing leader in the industry. Our priority is providing the utmost human experience by capitalizing on luxury and comfort in all of our projects. We are developers who are building community. Our people bring their technical knowledge, expertise, and resourcefulness to the delivery of every construction service we provide in a culture that nurtures nothing but excellence and innovation.
  • PayNas

    PAYNAS is a cloud platform that provides hassle free banking, HR management and employee benefits in one place, and in a single workflow.
  • Azza Fahmy

    In 1969, Azza Fahmy initiated her journey towards being one of the most esteemed jewellery designers in the region. With a profound purpose, Azza Fahmy has taken the role of translating the region’s culture to the world, through her unique research approach and craftsmanship preservation. Dedication and hard work has won her international recognition that boasts a diverse client list attracting jewellery connoisseurs from around the world.

    Toyota egypt is the sole distributor for toyota motor corporation products in egypt. it was established in 1979 in the free zone and had been since growing and developing to be among the leading brands in the egyptian automotive market. toyota egypt has 46 outlets in total: 12 self-owned and 34 dealer spread regionally.

    It was established in 1979 in the Free Zone and had been since growing and developing to be among the leading brands in the Egyptian automotive market. Toyota Egypt has 46 outlets in total: 12 self-owned and 34 dealer spread regionally

    ElMasria Auto Company was established in 1984 and became a pioneer in the field of cars. ElMasria Auto Company is developing its business in the Egyptian market to provide all the needs of the Egyptian consumer in the field of cars and the highest level of quality and through nearly 15 branches covering all Egypt . More than 25 brands of cars are presented under one roof and in cooperation with major banks and companies. The insurance companies to achieve a unique service for its customers to maintain their precious trust which is our main asset

    Scent Marketing is the latest breakthrough in marketing and ensure a very positive experience for both you and your customers, Don’t get left behind – start scenting now
  • BenefEX

    BenefEx is a Mobile Application for Benefits ,enables every company to provide benefits for its employees through offers from exclusive providers
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